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Congratulations to all who participated in the 2014 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run!

Complete Results for 2014

Top Male - Jose Ramos, 18:50.2
Top Female - Carolyn Wasky, 21:05.4

Top Male - Brandon Santangelo, 7:05.7
Top Female - Cate Vickery, 6:38.3



Race Date: Saturday, August 30
Fun Run: Starts 8:00am
5K Run: Starts 8:30am

Route Map through Good Shepherd community

Contact: GSCC.IF.Race@gmail.com

Why participate?
Your body will thank you and your financial contribution will go a long way; virtually every dollar, less the cost of timing, goes toward the Shepherd's Gate Grant Program.

Worried you won't be able to do it or that you might not do as well as you might like?? Read on. Charity races make the experience rewarding for both the Grant recipients and you! Running for a cause makes it less boring, possibly fun, and may encourage you to do it again. 5K's are one of the most popular races out there, and here are reasons why:

  1. Ease. Most of you are busy, and training time is precious. 5K's allow a quick work-up on just 3 days a week.
  2. Convenience. Race day is a snap. Warm up for 15 mins, race for about 40 mins, cool down, chow, and go home.
  3. Exhilaration. In a 5K, you feel like you're really racing. And that's a good feeling.
  4. Improvement. Racing the occasional 5K is an excellent fitness booster.
  5. Change. A different 5K every once in a while is a great way to mix things up.
  6. Motivation. Races are great motivators to get you out the door in the morning or avoid the couch after work.

Some comments from those new to 5K's:

  1. Don't be nervous. There are those who finish before and after you. You're there for yourself, not necessarily competing!
  2. Pace yourself. This is tough -- at the start, adrenaline gets you going faster than normal. Start toward the back of the pack.
  3. There is no shame in walking. Some run; some walk, and others do a little of both.
  4. Enjoy the moment. The whole experience is unique. You'll hear the collective pounding of feet on the pavement. See strangers cheer you on to a common goal, and when you see the finish line you'll find a way to dig down deep.
  5. Be proud of yourself. Revel in overcoming the challenge and be glad you pushed yourself to the end.
  6. You can do it. Children under 10, seniors over 70, pregnant women, parents pushing strollers, tall, short … every size, shape and age are out there.
  7. Try again. Warning, you may become hooked and want to give another 5K a shot.

How to prepare for race day?

What can I expect at the race site before the race?

What can I expect during the race?

What can I expect after the race?
You have won a victory regardless of your time on course or the order in which you finished. You should feel a sense of accomplishment. You have completed your goal and contributed to the fabric of our parish community all at once!


Great Job at 2013 5K and 1K!

GSCC's 2nd Annual 5K & 1K Family Fun Run was a success thanks to the support of volunteers and participation by runners and walkers! Thank you, one and all.

2013 Results

2013 Official Results 5K

2013 Official Results 1K


See you next year!



2012 Results

2012 Official Results 5K

2012 Official Results 1K



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